Progressive Open Source

flxbl framework embraces a development philosophy that we have termed as "Progressive Open Source." This approach is foundational to our framework's evolution and community engagement strategy. Here, we outline the principles and stages of this approach to clarify why and how we adopt this model. All projects maintained by core team at flxbl will utilize this approach.

What is Progressive Open Source?

Progressive Open Source is a development model that combines the effectiveness of closed-source development with the collaborative and innovative spirit of the open-source community. This model is characterized by its phased approach to development, starting with a focus on specific, real-world challenges before transitioning to a broader community-driven project.

The Phases of Progressive Open Source

  1. Targeted Development: Our journey begins with a closed-source phase, where the project is designed and developed to address the precise needs of a specific project or user. This ensures that we deliver a solution that is immediately effective and highly relevant to real-world applications.

  2. Monitoring and Iteration: After deployment, we closely monitor the project's performance in its operational environment, collecting feedback and insights. This phase is critical for making data-driven iterations, enhancing the functionality, and ensuring it meets the evolving needs of its initial use case.

  3. Open Source Transition: Upon validating the project's effectiveness and gathering substantial real-world insights, we gradually transition to an open-source model. This stage involves preparing the project for public release, including thorough documentation, setting up a clear governance model, and establishing a contribution guide to welcome community participation.

  4. Community Engagement: With the project now open-source, we focus on fostering a vibrant and inclusive community. This phase is about encouraging contributions, facilitating discussions, and supporting the community in further developing and expanding the project's capabilities.

Why Progressive Open Source?

This approach ensures that projects in the flxbl umbrella is not just a theoretical tool but a practical solution tested and refined through actual use.

Progressive Open Source aligns with sustainable software development by securing initial funding and validation within a specific context before broadening the scope. This model supports the framework's growth and adaptation, ensuring it remains relevant and valuable to both its original users and the wider community.

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