Who uses flxbl?

Flxbl's tooling and practices are used by more than 200 Organisations globally, Here are some of the key organisations who continuously help in shaping and refining the framework

ORDE Financial is an Australian non-bank mortgage lender, purpose built to help mortgage brokers provide the best experience and outcomes for borrowers. ORDE is a scale up ( LinkedIn Top 20 Australian Startups ) and utilizes Salesforce as the core IT platform Checkout their story here

Expereo is the world's largest managed Internet Network and Cloud Connectivity solutions provider powering enterprise and government sites in over 190 countries.

Harrier provides strategic Salesforce consulting services around the globe, predominantly focused on around re-architecting Salesforce for organisation who are facing challenges with scalability

K Health is an integrated health care platform providing access to personalised care 24/7 using a network of top tier health care providers. Check out their story here

Valantic is one of the fastest growing digital experience solution provider. Valantic has over 1000 consultants who focuses on customer experience and utilizes flxbl across their salesforce projects. Check out their story here

Salesfive is the leading provider of Salesforce Solutions in DACH region with a team of over 320 users.

Aviv is one of the world's largest digital real estate companies. Aviv utilises sfp and other techniques for its digital properties

Organisations are automatically added to list based on the level of interaction within the community. Please contact info@flxbl.io to add/remove your organisation from this list.

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