Handling Profiles

We would recommend profiles to be version controlled, but the approach should ensure permissions configuration provides the level of flexibility required for the organization.

As mentioned in the repo structure, profiles need to be placed in a source package at higher order of dependency, as profiles typically have dependency on almost all the components in your org.

flxbl's tooling provides support for version controlling profiles. Please read the following article to gain a quick intro how the tools work.

Depending on your permissions strategy, one of the following approaches may be advisable:

  • Admin-managed profiles. Here profiles are considered under the responsibility of an admin who can make changes without impacting functionality or having these changes overwritten. With this approach profiles are treated as org-specific metadata, and settings like IP range restrictions can be added manually in production. This would usually be preferable in a multi-org deployment or an environment where admins should retain flexibility over all aspects of permissions in the org.

While using a scratch org based development, there is no specific need to use sfp command such as retrieve as normal sf push/pull would be suffice. sfp automatically does a reconcile against the target org when the profile is deployed.

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