Creating an Environment

Environments in sfops is tied to GitHub Environments ( with additional metadata such as described below



variable : string

(Optional) Stores the name of the sandbox associated with the environment. If SB_SFDX_AUTH_URL is not provided use, the name to handle authentication. Read more here


variable : boolean

Use this environment for daily full test tuns by a scheduled sfops workflow


variable : string

Denotes the type of the environment, an environment could be one of 'development', 'test' or 'release'


secret : string

Auth URL to the environment, Read here on how to generate one

Environments added to GitHub will be displayed in Environment Snapshot in sfops Dev Central as shown below

Environments can be created from dev central by using the add icon in each of the category. One could also use the issue template 'Request a new environment', directly, where you could fill in the details, and the environment gets created. Please note the sandbox has to be created previously before triggering the request.

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