Unlocked Packages

For users that are using the latest unlocked packages from DX@Scale for Artifacts and Scratch Org Pool management, please continue to use the same packages.

Refer to the table below for the packages mentioned:

PackageDescriptionPackage IDVersion

The sfpowerscripts-artifact package is a lightweight unlocked package consisting of a custom setting SfpowerscriptsArtifact2__c that is used to keep record of the artifacts that have been installed in the org. This enables package installation, using sfpowerscripts, to be skipped if the same artifact version already exists in the org.



following metadata additions to standard object "ScratchOrgInfo" which includes custom fields, a validation rule, and a workflow to a DevHub as pre-requisites to enable the associated scratch org pool commands to work.



For users that have have clone and managing their own version of the Artifacts and Scratch Pool unlocked packages, continue to do so but stay up to date with the latest releases to ensure there will not be any breaking changes in the future.

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