Skip Install on Certain Orgs

AttributeTypeDescriptionPackage Types Applicable



Skips installation of an artifact on a target org

  • org-dependent unlocked

  • unlocked

  • data

  • source

  • diff

sfp cli when encounters the attribute skipDeployOnOrgs on a package, the generated artifact during installation is checked against the alias or the username passed onto the installation command. If the username or the alias is matched, the artifact installation is skipped

// Demonstrating how to do use skipDeployOnOrgs
  "packageDirectories": [
      "path": "core-crm",
      "package": "core-crm",
      "versionDescription": "Package containing core schema and classes",
      "versionNumber": "4.7.0.NEXT",

In the above example, if the alias to installation command is qa, the artifact for core-crm will get skipped during intallation. The same can also be applied for username of an org as well

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