Building a domain

Assume you have a domain 'sales' as defined by release config sales.yaml provided as shown in this example here.

# release-config for sales
releaseName: sales
pool: sales-pool
excludeAllPackageDependencies: true 
  - sales-ui
  - sales-channels
  skipIfAlreadyInstalled: true
  usePackageDiffDeploymentMode: true
  promotePackagesBeforeDeploymentToOrg: prod
      -  (AKG|GIK)-[0-9]{2,5}
    limit: 30

In order to build the artifact of the packages defined by the above release config, you would use the the build command with the flags as described here.

sfp build --releaseconfig sales.yaml -v devhub --branch main 

If you require only to build packages that's changed form the last published packages, you would add an additional diffcheck flag.

sfp build --releaseconfig sales.yaml -v devhub --branch main  --diffcheck

diffcheck will work accurately only if the build command is able to access the latest tag in the repository. In certain CI system if the command is operated on a repository where only the head commit is checked out, diffchek will result in building all the artifacts for all packages within the domain

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