Generating a release definition

In a high velocity project operating on a trunk such as a #flxbl project and with substantial number of packages, manually generating release definition can be a chore. This can eased by using generating the release definition file automatically after every publish command. One can utilise release config along with release definition generate command to automate the process of generating release definitions.

 sfp releasedefinition:generate -b releasedefns  \
                                -c  main  \
                                -d releasedefns_directory \
                                -f  ${{inputs.releaseconfig}} \
                                -n ${{env.RELEASE_NAME}}

The above command will generate a release definition file based on the head of the branch 'main', one can also provide a commit ref ( by providing a commit id to the -c or --gitref flag ) to utilize the latest artifacts on the particular commit. The generated release definition is then written to a directory called releasedefns_directory and pushed to a branch called releasedefns

One can utlilze the --nopush flag, if the intent is only to create a releasedefinition locally and do not push the same to the git repository

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